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Become our friend

Become a friend of the NIP and receive special prize offers on, amongst others, trips and publications. Visit the annual 'Friend Day' in the Hermitage.

Friends of the NIP

  • receive a special prize reduction when they book a trip to Russia at travel agency Eurocult in Utrecht (7% discount on individual trips and 10% on group trips)
  • are welcomed at the NIP and receive advice and help when organising a trip to Russia
  • receive discount on publications of the NIP and the ‘Nederland-Rusland Centrum’ (Groningen)
  • are invited to the annual Friend Day in the Netherlands with lectures on Russia or Dutch-Russian relations. 

Friends of the Netherlands Institute in Saint-Petersburg Foundation

In 1988 the Friends of the Netherlands Institute in Saint-Petersburg Foundation was founded. The foundation contributes to the development of the NIP and:

  • financially supports the NIP
  • takes initiatives towards the promotion of the flourishing of the institute and its scientific and cultural activities
  • develops activities to promote the institute in the Netherlands and introduces persons interested to the institute

Each year, the foundation takes part in financing the ‘Thesis Award’, handed over to the best Russian thesis on the Netherlands.


  • Drs. Alexander Münninghoff, former director of the NIP, chairman
  • Dr. Otto Boele , Leiden University, secretary and vice-chairman
  • Dr. Hans van Koningsbrugge, Groningen University, treasurer
  • Prof. dr. Emmanuel Waegemans, Leuven University, member 

Want to become our friend?

Are you also well-disposed to the NIP? Become our friend!

  • Fill in the form (below)
  • Make a contribution (annually €35 per person, but you can also donate more) to the bank account number of the SVNIP: 51 05 27 566, ABNAMRO
  • The SVNIP (Friends of the Netherlands Institute in Saint-Petersburg Foundation) is registred at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Haaglanden, reference nr. 27 18 02 12
Friends of the NIP