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Don’t think about it - just do it!

Julia Danu, Research Master Student Linguistics, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen about her time in Petersburg

All alone in the train from St.Petersburg, I am writing this small testimonial to share the impressions of my experience of being in this beautiful city for 3 months. 
I was very anxious and excited when my research project was about to start- after all, it was my first trip to Russia, despite the fact that I am ethnically Russian. Deciding to move to St. Petersburg, however, was not a hard decision at all- it is the favorite city of my parents, and I just knew I will fall in love with it just like they did.

And I did fall deeply in love with this place. I cannot even start describing every amazing and beautiful thing about it; let me just say that everybody should go there at least once in life. This is the city of contrasts- it has a place for everything and everyone. I have enjoyed various art works in numerous museums and galleries, explored small and incredibly inspirational suburbs of Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk, attended hockey games of legendary SKA, and of course, met a lot of uniquely wonderful people. Not only did this experience facilitate my research and help me understand its’ topic in greater depths, but also gave me inspiration for many years to come. 

Without all the help from NISP, however, the experience would not be the same. Everyone at the Institute was incredibly helpful and supportive in all ways possible, showing some sincere Russian hospitality. 
So anyone considering visiting St.Petersburg for research, internship or any other purpose, don’t think about it- just do it!