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The Participatory Culture of Saint Petersburg’s Civil Society: The Case of the Zenit Arena.

16th of May, 18:00

During this lecture Luuk Peters, Master’s student from the Leiden University will present the preliminary results of his MA research into civic engagement and participation in decision-making in Russian spatial planning, selecting the planning and construction of the Zenit Arena as a case study. The aim of this research has been to reveal the function civil society performs in spatial planning projects in Saint Petersburg and the ways it engages and participates in decision-making processes. By doing so, it aims to illustrate the participatory nature of Russian civil society and its relation with the authorities in a broader sense.

The topics that are to be discussed include the value of civic participation in (spatial) decision-making processes, the development of civil society in contemporary Russia, the legislative framework concerning the involvement of the public in spatial decision-making processes and the current practice of civic participation, exemplified by the case of the Zenit Arena.