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Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp & Open Urban Laboratory with support of the NIP.

Latent Encounters
Latent Encounters1

People meet in various ways: in manifest ways and in… latent ways. What about this indirect, implicit, latent side of encounter?

That is the question, which was explored in practice, through latent encounters between artists from Antwerp and sociologists, urban researchers, artists, and dancers from St. Petersburg.

In the gobelin studio of Natalya Vasilevna at Petrogradskaya island the students worked under her guidance on creating a gobelin, without a loom, by hand. They created the tapestry from a horizontal frame, which has the form of a table. Sitting at both sides of the tableframe the artists wove and formed the tapestry as an encounter.  

With members of the Open Urban Laboratory and dance group ZavoD the group explored implicit ways of encounter through an evening of contact-dance-improvisation, to which other forms of improvisation were added during a living-together-weekend in Kronstadt.


This masterclass is supported by:

Nederlands Instituut Sint Petersburg, RU

 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, BE

 University Antwerp, BE